We are a couple of photographers crazy about Paris.
We love shooting with daylight and experience the magic of living in one of the most beautiful cities in the world.
We believe candid photographs are amazing.
We value our client’s experience and tend to everything personally: customer service, photo session, one by one image processing and photo delivery.
We love our work.

Our story

Once upon a time …
There were two photographers, Jana and Daniel, each living in faraway lands, her in Brazil and him in Romania. One day, by chance or fate, the two were hired to work in the same company their duty being to photograph every day in different corners of the world. And so, they left for Alaska and there was where their eyes met for the first time. It was the beginning of a love story!

After two years of traveling and photographing, the couple of lovers had already known much of the world and they decided it was time for something else.
They got married and started a life together in Brazil. They set up a photo studio and worked together for five years, photographing weddings, birthday parties, family and maternity shoots, couples, kids and newborn sessions …
At the height of their careers, their adventurous spirit in love with challenges expressed itself and there they went to Paris …

Verde e Amarelo was born out of this uncontrollable desire to live new experiences, to feel the magic of discovering and the flavours of a simple life, nourishing on culture and art. In Paris, in addition to personal projects, they also develop the art of photographing people in a simple and relaxed way.
Their inspiration comes from the freedom of shooting outdoors using natural light. People say they are crazy, for leaving behind a comfortable, stable life with a busy schedule of work and faithful clients, to face the challenge of living away from home.
“And may our folly be forgiven, because half of us is love and the other half as well!”


verde e amarelo por Jana Arruda e Daniel Cojocaru

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